New Job

I’ve been at my new job for a little over a month now, and it’s gotten so busy that I haven’t had the time to update everyone on my situation. I am now the personal assistant to the boss at this new company. The company is new, the boss is new, there’s only three of us including the boss, and needless to say everything has been hectic, hence my lack of updates.

The job description is pretty much taking care of EVERYTHING the company and the boss needs. The actual work therefore is at times random, at times menial, but as long as I keep sight of the bigger picture, the suffering and exhaustion is bearable. I usually start the work day cleaning up after the boss and end the day by going over selected readings with him. The commute is short, but the hours are long: I start around seven in the morning and usually work until nine or ten at night, seven days a week. Sometimes I get calls outside those hours from the boss that I have to answer, lest all hell breaks loose. While I knew what I was getting into when I signed on (you know how start-ups are), I never realized it’d be this challenging. The pay is minimal, though I still find my job extremely rewarding. I see the boss’s potential, and I can totally see him really taking off in the future, and I want to be there every step of the way.

It’s difficult to talk about my job without actually talking about my boss, the title being a personal assistant. The boss is mercurial, and always has a lotta ideas he’d like to try out. As his personal assistant, it’s also my duty to tell him what will work and what will not. And he learns, faster than I previously thought was humanly possible, though at the same time I’ve pretty much had to spoon-feed him everything, literally. The way he thinks and changes often challenges me to think about how the company operates in entirely new ways. He has a quick temper, and is not shy about letting us hear it when something doesn’t go his way. It can be grating when he’s screaming at us, but I think the company dynamic is something of a work-in-progress, and we’re taking baby steps. The boss gives me crap pretty much every other day, and it doesn’t faze me anymore. I think I’m really getting the hang of it now after a month, though I’m still perpetually tired.

And so I’ve gone from working for my dad to working for my son. Here’s hoping that I can last longer on this job than I did the previous ones….


週末又坐了一趟心情電梯。ㄟ,應該說是心情大怒神.. ㄟ,不對,應該就是只有往下,自由落體直到地獄那樣。









現在開始學講話了,說最多的就是把拔! (得意貌)

不枉我每天陪兒子玩玩具跟看書啊! (媽媽心已碎 XDDD)


看到小孩被砍殺的事件,好心疼好心疼。作為一個父親,我也會去想像,如果是我,有沒有辦法阻止這件事情發生 (沒有)。

而如果是我,我應該會當場… 你知道的,但我們不能提倡暴力











兒子開始愛講話了,一直機哩瓜拉地,不一定是跟我們講,常常是自言自語。很好奇他在想什麼啊!然後現在也比較積極教他要一些名詞跟發音,因為他之前可能很多都聽得懂了但是就是沒有要開口的意思。最近這樣就開始教他發音了,但是兒子只有他自己想到才會想要跟我們一起發音。當然很多時候我們覺得他發音正確了可能只是父母的腦補 XDDD,但是至少我們聽得出兒子是有在講特定的詞,而不是咿咿呀呀地亂說,因為他的發音會很一致而且可重複。

話說昨天晚上兒子說夢話了XDD 而且還很激動哩!

現在一直要他說話要教他,沒多久大概就會開始希望他閉嘴了吧 XDDD






In the past week or two, Tony’s gone from walking a couple steps at a time to full-on walking around. He still walks like a zombie, but he’s nevertheless walking unsupported. I guess Tony’s graduated to toddler status now that he can walk. He’s beginning to reach at the edge of our tables and desks now too, which means less room for us to put our stuff without fearing Tony’s grabbing at it. It’s crazy how fast he’s growing up, and it’s a lotta work to keep up with modifying his environment to keep him safe. It reminds me of the first six months we had ah-play the cat, who was able to reach new places on almost a weekly basis on account of his growing leaping ability. (By the way, she’s now 1.5 years old and already fat and lazy)

We started apartment hunting recently, as our current crib is a bit on the small side and we’re having trouble making efficient use of the space we do have. Rent is pretty expensive around the city, so we’re expanding our search a bit. If I had my way, we’d be living in the boonies, but alas my family consists of more than myself. Compromises and reworked priorities and the zero sum game of keeping everyone happy, that’s what marriage and being in a family’s about, I guess.

I finally got my hair cut after something like three months, and I was that close to being able to tie my hair up. The wife finally got her perm too and dare I say it looks pretty good. But why is it that many sources of happiness cost a lot and don’t last very long? I need to reexamine that list of luxury vs necessity…



Twenty-sixteen seems like a good time to start blogging in English again. Unlike the past few years, I actually have expectations of 2016. Changes are on the horizon, and that’s a good thing. The past few years have been a virtual standstill in terms of personal development. Last year of course was almost entirely about raising Tony, and with his addition to the family comes a shift of priorities for me. Before Tony was born, I was almost content with any job that pays half decent; after Tony was born, I found it almost unbearable to be spending time away from him without enjoying myself. The logic here is that the quality drop-off from spending time with my family to being at work is too steep for me. The solution is… well I don’t really know yet, and one of my goals for 2016 is to figure that out. It seems like a dangerous time to be thinking about change what with a family to raise and all, but I think, I hope, in the end, that it’ll all be worth it, that we’ll be happier when the dust settles.