Saturday Morning Rant

This week has been dominated by work. Yes, as strange as it sounds coming out of my mouth: WORK. To make matters worse, said work has kept me sober for an entire week now. I don’t think anyone out there would prefer to be working rather than kicking back with a bottle of craft beer (or a pint of something fresh). The work week began with a couple overtime days which resulted in my missing my routine dinner at my grandparents’ and basketball. If I don’t get my weekly dose of basketball I become very very grumpy; needless to say, it was not a good start to the week. Then came the one-day visit down to a customer site that turned into two days. Translation: no clean underwear. As disgusting as us men look, we still like to keep it clean and fresh down there. The plus side is that engineers generally stay indoors and sit in a chair for an entire day, so there’s not much perspiration and hence no thought of getting them, um, disposable undies? what are they called anyways? I also got my first ever business calls to my cell phone this week. Never has technological convenience felt so evil (well, internet porn… 5am nights on battle net.. but those were good evils, if there’s ever such a thing). Friday was an early day off, only because I had prior engagements. Today, a beautiful saturday, will at least be partly spent at work. Yipee!

Now before you go on thinking: “at least you had busy Friday night”, lemme just tell you that being busy is not always a good thing. In preparation for my sigmoidoscopy (new vocab!), I had to take laxatives and basically spent the night marveling at *****censored hygienic reasons*******. If you don’t know what sigmoidoscopy means, then google it. I will say this: the sigmoid colon is near the end, and that scopy means examining with a scope. More on this when I come back from the exam, if I could still walk and sit normally. I had to give up drinking with friends to sit on the toilet all night.

Some people love the sound of their own voice. Unfortunately I’m finding out that I seem fit into that category like Oprah in a buffet line. I blame blogging/microblogging for this. If I’m out drinking, I’d definitely love my beer more than the sound of my voice. Plus I wouldn’t have to produce the voice/thoughts to fill the void when I’m not by myself. So yes, I’m blaming you who hath not gone to the bar with me for making me narcissistic. I’m only slowly finding out how annoying it is because I know someone like that (not me), who likes to talk and talk even when unsolicited. The topic would invariably be about what he knows or how good he is at something or what his opinion is (which, btw, is the only valid one). He makes a very feeble attempt at masking his conceit (“oh I’m only the second best at this, I wouldn’t say I’m the best”), and sometimes even takes what everyone already knows and says it like he just discovered it for everyone’s benefit (“You know what? Lemme tell you, it’s gotta be the O ring, yeah that’s gotta be it”). It’s all amusing at first, but by the 324th hour it tends to induce the urge to reenact scenes from First of the North Star. But we all need to learn to have better temper. There are enough things for me to worry about these days, I really don’t have the spare energy for anything else…..

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