It’s all hypothetical

I’m not a big fan of discussing hypothetical questions in general: what would you do if you won the lottery, which actress would you marry, questions of that nature. The fact is I’m most likely not going to win the lottery (since I don’t even buy lotto tickets), or have my choice of hot female celebrities to bang. Though these questions at least have some sort of outside chance of becoming relevant, since there is a non-zero chance of winning the lottery provided I buy the ticket, and with money presumably comes gold-digging hot women. The type of hypothetical question that I really find no reason to discuss are the “What if I had done this instead” questions. Barring astronomical advances in physics and/or several reincarnations of Bert Einstein, you can never go back in time and make your decision again. Why waste your brain on imagining things that’ll never happen? It’s like discussing what will be the consequences of flying pigs aside from an extra dish at the sports pub?

So you can imagine my annoyance when I, being recently single, am given the proverbial comment “it’s easier for guys to find girls”. O… kay. What am I supposed to say to that? It’s not like I’ve ever been on the other side, or had a choice. It’s like saying “It’s so great living on Earth” …. as opposed to? I can understand if a girl makes that comment while referring to her own sad state of affairs. But given as a comment to my current status, I just don’t see the relevance unless, well: “Gee, you know what? I think I’ll reconsider that sex change then!”

One thought on “It’s all hypothetical

  1. 我也覺得老愛問這種鬼問題的人很愚蠢,畢竟這種事情通常都不會發生在老愛問「如果」的人身上。還有先入為主也是一樣不討喜,不只是its easier for guys to find girls…

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