As much as I dislike change, my current lifestyle is just not doing it for me. In order to deal with my mood swings the last few months, I’ve tried going out more, meeting new friends and drinking. While it has worked in the short term, it’s also begun to take a toll on my body. I started sleeping less on the weekends, and eating out a lot more than I’d like to, thereby throwing me off my low-fat, low-carb and low-additive diet. December was an especially hectic month, as the number of gatherings with family and friends skyrocketed to welcome the new year. January saw a continuation as there seemed to be a “party inertia” that’s driving every one’s festive mood. The end result is that I’m perpetually tired and I’ve barely exercised for an entire month, though surprisingly I’ve managed to keep the fat off despite the generally unhealthy diet.

I’m tired of going out every weekend. I’m tired of getting drunk and losing bits and pieces of my already limited time on earth. I’m tired of paying for craptastic food that’s also unhealthy. I’m tired of dealing with people who don’t know me, thus requiring me to step outside my comfort zone. Socially I think I prefer being inept rather than being stretched and prodded in uncomfortable ways. Most of all, I’m tired of being tired.

It’s time for some changes. I’d like more time to myself, more time to think, more time to sleep. I’d like to be able to focus again on what’s important – though I also need to figure out what’s actually important to me. I’d like more time for my jigsaw puzzles, for my photos. Maybe I can even get around to those postcards after all. I can’t take time away from work, and I actually want to sleep more, so that time has to come from somewhere else. And I’ve come to the conclusion that this somewhere else is my social life.

So it’s goodbye to plurk, to twitter, to going out on weekdays, to drinking on the weekends, to msn messenger, to talking to people I barely know, and to my non-existent but nevertheless disastrous love life. Facebook I’ll keep just so I can play bejeweled and zuma. Find me, if you care, by phone, by email or here. In the mean time, I shall do a little soul-searching with the extra time I shall gain (and a nice long nap).

10 thoughts on “Changes

  1. @amiThis post is a declaration of a commitment to a potentially better/happier lifestyle. I'd say that's pretty positive!@sharon去日本當然會開心啊~新的生活模式需要一點時間去適應就是了心情不像是房間,真的下定決心要收拾就能馬上收拾好的。。。

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