Good things!

Started my new job this week after slightly-less-than-a-year on the old one. I am excited but also a little um.. what’s the word… wary of the future.. damn you know I swear I had this vocab back in highschool. But anyways, I feel like there’s a lotta expectation placed on my shoulders, and maybe for once in my life I won’t flake. Just maybe. It’s hard to flake when I lift my head from my desk at the office and can look my dad straight in the eyes; damn low cube dividers. The reason they exist is not so much to divide cubes but rather to prevent shit from falling off the desk. 
Busy weekends, busy weekdays. Many many photos owed. Will eventually get around to them, after I catch up on some zees. 
Feeling happy – sustained genuine happiness. First time I can say this since, oh god, early 2009 it must be. I mean I’ve had short spurts of happiness here and there (e.g. when I’m pissed-drunk and surrounded by friends). I don’t want to jinx myself, but still, I’d like to share this, since this is my first english post in a while, and my english readers deserve nonsensical crap from me more often. For this I apologize. 
Peace outside!

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