Work Update

Am now working under my dad. It’s an interesting situation that I never thought I’d find myself in. Well not exactly never, but really it hasn’t crossed my mind all that much. My dad basically asked me at the end of last year that there was an opening in the company and whether I wanted to work for him. 

It was my dad’s influence that led to my studying engineering, although I later found out he doesn’t really “engineer” or design anything. But that got me on the path, nevertheless. He never really ever asked me if I wanted to work under him, I’m guessing because I started out in R&D, and he’s more of a service engineer. Both job titles including the word engineer, they both required problem solving skills. The major difference being the latter goes out a lot and needs to face customers and solves the problem from without (rather than within). It’s only when I returned to Taiwan and wanted to work as an FAE that my career path took a slight turn. Then finally last year my dad asked me to join him.
It’s quite interesting, working with family. For one thing I can’t really call him dad at work, but it’s even more awkward to call him anything else. I can now refer to him as Mr. OOOO to other coworkers, but I still can’t call him that to his face. I get work advice almost daily on our rides to work, whether it’s about specific work details, how to deal with customers, or even some management insight. But of course there are pros and cons to working with family, and I just have to take it all in stride. As long as the job itself is somewhat interesting, the rest shouldn’t be a problem.

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