Chronic Fatigue

What have I been up to lately? Between Twitter, Plurk, Google+, Facebook, and comics/games on the iPad, I hardly have the time or energy for blogging anymore. I do feel like that I need to come here every now and then though. I feel like my life is out of whack because I’m not blogging as often. (Hm, what does that say about me?)

Regardless whether I’m blogging or not, my life IS out of whack. I find myself tired all the freaking time, most likely from not getting my 7.5 hours on a daily basis. The concept of sleep debt at work, no doubt, and I’m going to need to oversleep for a couple weeks to make up for it. The way it’s going now, I’m never gonna catch up on sleep or get anything meaningful done, so something’s gotta give. An unsustainable way of life can not go on for too long without doing some damage. As my efficiency at work begins to drop because of chronic fatigue, I realize I need to do something about it…

This unfortunately means less time for my new gadget.. I can’t even believe I’m saying this.. but the iPad, as fun as it is to have, is messing up my life. I also need to find time to read.. I still have like 3 japanese novels, a couple english ones, a few photography books, and a couple cookbooks to plow through. I know I’m not gonna get through all of that this year, but I should at least get started on something. Then there’s the issue of getting some exercise done… once a week is not nearly enough at my age (and food intake) Need to bite down hard and make shit happen…..

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