So that time has finally come: I am finally contemplating turning off facebook. Facebook has been a major part of my life for a while now. From finding friends to keeping in touch to games to looking at hot women (i’m just being honest) to just checking out the goings-on in my social circle, it’s been an integral part of my daily routine. But as I try to streamline my life and look into cutting the unnecessary aspects, facebook seems to creep up to the top of the list.

Sure there’s a lot of information I can get from facebook, and it definitely serves an important purpose when I’m trying to contact certain individuals, but the information overload is really a burden. Truth is, I don’t have 250 friends. I may have 500 acquaintances, but I definitely am not friends with 250 people. Most of the things on my facebook is really junk to me. Meanwhile, I feel somewhat compelled to check facebook whenever I have time; time that can be better used otherwise. That is a weakness that I know I can combat with drastic measures, such as deactivating my account.

Additionally, facebook’s recent changes have really irked me. I’m not one to care too much about my private information – I’ve been mixing my online identity with my offline one a bit here and there – but even as my private information is floating around out there on the WWW, I’d like to feel like I’m in control. This is where facebook has irked me one last time. The new changes to control privacy settings on individual posts allowed a lot more cross-posting, i.e. stuff posted about me on someone else’s page gets posted on my page. Additionally, the side panel is showing a lot of friend’s activities that aren’t related to me or friends in common – which is always annoying. That, I have decided, is the last straw. I feel like I don’t have much control over what gets shared on my page (though I could change the settings on the posts as I find them), and something invariably gets shared without my knowledge whenever facebook changes the privacy controls. As I think more about the information being shared out there about me and tied to my real name, I feel like the best course of action is to deactivate my current account (and thus turning off access to my past posts) and maybe start anew just so I can read about people rather than share about myself. The former has been decided, but the latter I’ll have to see.

Like the time I tried turning off MSN messenger, I believe those who need to find me will be able to do so without the help of facebook, so losing touch isn’t really that big a problem. Heck, I don’t even keep touch with half the “friends” anyways. The only caveat is that my buddies and I have a group page where we post information about trips and meetups. Though I suppose again that information which needs to reach me will find its way. By the way, I don’t log on to msn messenger much anymore, and my life hasn’t really been all that different.

4 thoughts on “Face-off

  1. Blogging still has its place. Even though it takes longer to read, I'd still much rather read a semi-long-ish post than a 2 line status update.Well, I won't miss you on Facebook… since I don't really use it myself. I just use it to see what Dez posted. Thank goodness she doesn't post much or often.🙂

  2. Oh one more thing I'd like to add: I told Jeff that most men who actively use Facebook are single/unattached. Men in general aren't naturally wired to socialize the same way women do. Half the things we do are for mating. LOL. So there are reasons for single men to be active on Facebook — but those in long term relationships, less so.Now that you're getting off the Facebook update train, it just means your real life relationships are in a good place!🙂

  3. Alex- Speaking of blogging, you haven't blogged in a long while!Well even when I was single I didn't really use it to meet people or anything.. and checking out hot friends of friends is really a universal thing. BTW Jeff isn't active on facebook tho, maybe he should learn to do so..

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