Bidding Goodbye to Twenty-Eleven

2011 began on a shitty note, a hold-over from a generally shitty 2010. I was at a low in life, stuck in limbo of sorts. I was deciding on switching jobs, my love life was a mess, and I had just lost big money (NTD4500!!) in a one-day sitting of mahjong. It was a lousy beginning and I lacked the imagination to see things in better light. Spending 40k on a camera briefly lifted my spirits, but that high was no match for the overwhelming low that permeated my life. But at least I had a roof over my head and I could afford Ruth’s Chris whenever I wanted.

Then came the change. I swung a trip to Okinawa with some awesome friends and came back feeling like a new man. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on and that, combined with my decision to switch jobs, allowed me to truly relax for a few days. Then came the new relationship and the new job and it’s been a whirlwind ride since. I even went on a 10-month mahjong winning streak. It hasn’t always been good but it hasn’t always been bad, and I am for the most part just taken along passively. Though I eventually started losing money at mahjong again, this has been a great year, despite my not feeling in control.

So for 2012, I would like to take some of that control back, live more efficiently while maintaining my happiness. Hopefully I can come up with some concrete goals for my 30s this year. When I have time I’ll try to do a picture review of my year…haha.. right now I’d rather catch some Zs. Need to start work on a good note too. Good night!

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