Look how fast time flies. This seems to be the only thing I blog about these days, a sure sign that I am getting old. Hell I can’t even say I’m “pushing 30” anymore. The fourth decade of my life has already started, and herein lies my anxiety. I won’t repeat myself too much except to say that there’s a certainty to the path ahead that I’ve never had in my twenties. I know, at least when it comes to work, where I will be in five, ten years time. Yet that’s scary in a different way. Maybe I’m used to moving around, being uncertain of where I’d be three years down the road. In any case I’ll have to learn to deal with this certainty. After all, this is sorta what I had wanted – some semblance of stability in my life.

Other aspects of my life seems to be slowing down a bit (a good sign). I’ve been finding time to watch a bit of movie on demand. Even read a book. I’m not sure if I’d even finished a novel in 2011, but at least for 2012 I’ve already read A Game of Thrones and am chipping away at A Clash of Kings (my first Kindle purchases). The e-book reading experience isn’t wonderful, but only in light of what resolution the retina display has and what mine doesn’t.  Otherwise, I’m fully enjoying the portability of the iPad, of not having to deal with bookmarks and the thickness of paperbacks that my backpack can’t afford.

I’d like to have time for my puzzles, but maybe that’s asking for too much. First order of business is to find time to exercise and, as always, blogging.  It’s hard to do anything regularly outside of work, since my work hours tend to be irregular when I have to swing day trips to Chia-Yi or Tainan that more often than not has me arriving in Taipei well past dinner and sometimes even past my bedtime. Then comes the girlfriend, who takes up most weekends as we go about eating and taking pictures. How I’m to squeeze anything regular into what scattered chunks of time I have left will be an interesting challenge. As a life-long procrastinator, time-management will always be that devil waiting to be exorcised.

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