As a kid I used to remember all sorts of crap: phone numbers, numbering sequence of SD Gundam models, stats of characters from a Three Kingdoms game, and last but not least, items/equipment/magic from Final Fantasy games (this was wayyy before I learned any Japanese). As I age and my innocence fades, gone too is my ability to remember things. I don’t know how it could happen so quickly. But I guess it’s happening to everyone, right?

I think one of the main reasons I’m writing less nowadays is that I can’t remember shit anymore. I’d have thoughts I think are worth writing down, and then forget by the time I get home. I forget things for work, the nature of which has many small details that require attention. Every Monday morning I struggle to remember what I did the week prior for my work report. I often resort to foursquare to find out which customers I visited (and now that I’ve sorta weaned off 4sq, I’m shit out of luck) (on second thought, maybe I should continue to use 4sq). The fragments I remember from my past seem so much more fragmented now. Often I remember snapshots or singular moments, other times I need to see pictures to bring back certain memories. Rarer is the occasion when I can’t recall a single thing even when reminded, which oddly happens most often when I owe someone money (j/k). But really, it has happened, and makes me wonder if someone else had occupied my body during those moments (like a John Malkovich moment I guess) (If you don’t know the reference, go see Being John Malkovich, it’s quite a trip). I have no doubt that such occurrences will only happen more frequently as I grow old, and I’m honestly scared shitless. I very much treasure my memories, the makeup of who I am today. I will be incomplete the day that no one is around to tell me stories of moments that we had shared, and I won’t even know it.

Is this happening to anyone else?



And I just remembered (hooray!) that I used to be really good with faces and names, to the point that I’d feel embarrassed to admit that I know the person (because most of the time they don’t remember me after one chance meeting, or maybe cuz they’re embarrassed that they remember me…)

2 thoughts on “Forgetting

    • I think even bad memories are worth remembering (though not too clearly) though! I’m sure if you make happy memories they’ll naturally stick, so just focus on that instead of forgetting🙂

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