Lunch break

I need to write something.

You know that feeling after taking the finals, how you’ve kept yourself stressed and tense to build up to the moment and then pffffftttttt like a filled balloon being let go, you relax and turn into a pile of mush. Well that’s how I’ve felt for the past couple of weeks. My productivity has gone way down, though the work that i am required to do has not let up at all. It does not help at all that my reaction to stress for as long as i can remember is to procrastinate by sleeping. It’s no coincidence that i have been stuck in neutral for the past several years.

Anyhoo, i just want to post some photos from my lunch break. It is blistering hot outside, where i currently am. I can feel the creases in my belly fat stick together from the sweat. You can thank me later if this mental image has curbed your appetite. We humans eat too much.

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