So I just read the producitivity manifesto by nathan barry. It’s about productivity, but I’m not reading it necessarily as a way to improve my productivity at work. The more important thing is to waste less time every day, and in his manifesto, he describes several ways to help you do this. I forgot who gave me the file, but the things in it seem to make sense, and it might be worthwhile to try.

For me it resonates well because he outlined a few obstacles to productivity that I’m personally plagued with (e.g. getting easily distracted, having my time split up on very little tiny chunks, etc). He also suggested methods to help you form a habit, which I know has worked well for me in my quest to become more fit.

I suggest everyone to skim through it, and you might find it helpful like I did, or you might not. It’s only twenty some odd pages of illustrations and little text.

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