Go offline for ‘National Day of Unplugging’

So I went nearly unplugged for about 24hrs from Friday night to Saturday night. Nearly, because I made a couple of phone calls and peered at the TV for a couple of seconds. I think I can do this more often on the weekends. I also managed to spend Sunday without carrying my iPad around.

The takeaway from this is the realization that the grip that technology has on us is not as tight as you think if you would just make the tiniest of efforts. That, and also how little I thought about my iPad during this unplugged period of time. iPad brings us convenience, but it does not actually become a necessity in life, not literally. In the end, as much as technology evolves, we still only need food in our stomach and a roof over our heads, everything else is just fluff, albeit very enjoyable fluff. The few times I thought about my iPad was when I needed to record my expenses and… well that’s about it. Never once did it cross my mind that my farm in Adventure Town would go uncollected, or that I’d miss out on some vital information on *pffft facebook.

I admit I can’t go unplugged everyday, as the convenience that technology brings us really facilitates everything we do, and it is assumed that we have this basic technology with us when we deal with other people; I still have to do emails, communicate with customers, etc. But it does feel nice and refreshing to go unplugged once in a while for an extended period of time. At the very least it allows me to take my eyes off the screen and onto the messy room that I live in which needs to be cleaned up…. well I ain’t going unplugged until the weekend, so .. the clean up can wait.

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