W4 – On the road again

For all my complaints about missing significant portions of my son’s brand new life, here I am again, sitting some 300km away from my family on yet another business trip. I miss my wife and son dearly.

It’s quite amusing to stare at a baby, and watch him move and twist and blink and roll his eyes and generally explore his motor neural pathways. I could stare at him all day, and he doesn’t even know how to smile yet.

We move back home this coming weekend. Then the fun starts. By fun I mean hell.


This has been a bad week for work. I think it’s come to the point where I actually need to spend time outside of work to keep up. I think I need to travel back in time to my school days, and recall how to take notes, and to study, and to memorize shit. I really suck at remembering things now. I’m still a procrastinator, but gone are the days of my cramming prowess.

A while back I read an article that gave satirical advice to people who were looking for work claiming to be “lazy but extremely intelligent.” I say laziness is a choice, and one of the dumbest one at that. An intelligent person would never choose to be lazy, so if you admit to the lazy part, you’re a moron, period. I am lazy, and this choice has caught up to me at the ripe age of 33. People say identifying the problem is half the solution. Second half: challenge accepted!


I have now owned my car for exactly one year. Here are some numbers:

~ 95km / day (That’s a round trip from Taipei to Kaohsiung every week)
~ 12km / L of gasoline. A total of ~2900L burnt.(Talk about carbon footprint!) for a cost of ~100k NTD (hint: this number exceeds my monthly salary)

Cost of driving this thing (gas + maintenance) is approximately 500NTD per day, or 5.5NTD / km. This number is quite useful to put against cost of public transportation.


Can this post be any dryer?

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