W21 副食品

兒子最近對我們在吃的東西很有興趣。因為我們現在吃飯都會讓他一起坐在餐桌,然後他就會盯著我們手裡的食物/容器,從拿起,送到嘴哩,再放下,他都會嘴巴微張很認真地追焦,本來一直在揮動的四肢也會停下來 XD。就這樣幾天後,我們趁打預防針的時候問了醫生,醫生也覺得可以開始試了,我們就在這週末給他試了米糊!就是煮十倍粥再用食物調理機打碎,然後再濾過的糊。薑醬的反應應該還算不錯吧,吃得很快,然後嘴裡一沒東西就開始抱怨 XD。我們測試了給他奶嘴還是會抱怨,所以應該是想要吃東西吧….?  雖然說最後搞不清楚他是想要咬湯匙還是吃米糊,但至少一開始餵他的他都吃得乾乾淨淨喔! 我們現在只是擔心他口慾如此地強,會不會很容易吃成個小胖子啊?




這週我的大學室友舉家搬去美國了。認識了很久,臭味相投的好朋友,這次也不是第一次有人搬出國了,但現在各自有了家庭,已經不是以前那樣說走就走的個體了。更重要的是,現在的我們,在人生中的下一步會跨到太平洋彼岸的機率已經不太高了啊!重點是,到了這個年紀,所謂人生中的下一步也不會來得那麼頻繁吧?我們一群大學同學在加拿大認識,然後現在大都在台灣定居,每次聚會至少都還可以幻想是像大學那樣 (但實際上好像各自在顧小孩的時間比較多 XD),但大學室友搬離台灣了,連幻想都不行了。



The finality of the different aspects of my life. It’s a thought, a reality that’s been looming for quite a while. When I was younger I’d known in the back of my head that there always existed a possibility for me to do this or do that or move here or there. I had made the decision to move back to Taiwan during my second stint in Japan back in 2007, but it wasn’t set in stone or anything. I kept myself open to the possibility of staying in the US after grad school or, if the opportunity arises, moving to yet a different country for work. Now that I’m back in Taiwan and have a family of my own, there’s much more inertia, so to speak, and any move will require a much greater amount of energy, not to mention a greater risk. As any such decision would result in non-trivial consequences for the rest of my family, my vagabond twenties have never felt further away. The reality that I have been living has only been slowly creeping into my consciousness: I have settled down.

5 thoughts on “W21 副食品

  1. 哎 不知道為什麼你寫的內容我總是心有戚戚焉啊。可能我們的人生經歷還蠻像的吧、都是在世界各國漂泊了一圈又回到台灣。連生小孩的時間點都一樣!想想你應該是我「認識」最久的網友了、十年有了吧? The funny thing is we still have never met!

  2. Welcome to my world, Gary.🙂 It’s hard to break out of that rut and do something big. It’s sometimes worth it. Not always. That’s why it’s hard.

    • I’ve never been an ambitious person, so I don’t have anything particular in mind that I wanna do that I feel too tied down to do. In that sense, I haven’t lost anything. I’m fine living my life pretty much entirely for my family, but I assume in a couple years I’ll probably start thinking about myself again.

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