Twenty-sixteen seems like a good time to start blogging in English again. Unlike the past few years, I actually have expectations of 2016. Changes are on the horizon, and that’s a good thing. The past few years have been a virtual standstill in terms of personal development. Last year of course was almost entirely about raising Tony, and with his addition to the family comes a shift of priorities for me. Before Tony was born, I was almost content with any job that pays half decent; after Tony was born, I found it almost unbearable to be spending time away from him without enjoying myself. The logic here is that the quality drop-off from spending time with my family to being at work is too steep for me. The solution is… well I don’t really know yet, and one of my goals for 2016 is to figure that out. It seems like a dangerous time to be thinking about change what with a family to raise and all, but I think, I hope, in the end, that it’ll all be worth it, that we’ll be happier when the dust settles.


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