In the past week or two, Tony’s gone from walking a couple steps at a time to full-on walking around. He still walks like a zombie, but he’s nevertheless walking unsupported. I guess Tony’s graduated to toddler status now that he can walk. He’s beginning to reach at the edge of our tables and desks now too, which means less room for us to put our stuff without fearing Tony’s grabbing at it. It’s crazy how fast he’s growing up, and it’s a lotta work to keep up with modifying his environment to keep him safe. It reminds me of the first six months we had ah-play the cat, who was able to reach new places on almost a weekly basis on account of his growing leaping ability. (By the way, she’s now 1.5 years old and already fat and lazy)

We started apartment hunting recently, as our current crib is a bit on the small side and we’re having trouble making efficient use of the space we do have. Rent is pretty expensive around the city, so we’re expanding our search a bit. If I had my way, we’d be living in the boonies, but alas my family consists of more than myself. Compromises and reworked priorities and the zero sum game of keeping everyone happy, that’s what marriage and being in a family’s about, I guess.

I finally got my hair cut after something like three months, and I was that close to being able to tie my hair up. The wife finally got her perm too and dare I say it looks pretty good. But why is it that many sources of happiness cost a lot and don’t last very long? I need to reexamine that list of luxury vs necessity…


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